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Women make up nearly half of the labor force and mothers are the primary or co-breadwinners in the majority of families. When women aren’t paid fairly, families suffer and the American economy suffers.


Discrimination Among Women

Narrowing the Wage Gap

Various countries and states have enacted equal pay laws to protect specific categories of individuals, especially women and those with disabilities, from compensation discrimination.

Prevalence of the Wage Gap

As of 2020, statistics show that women earn about 20 cents less for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. These numbers are average representatives of the general population. It implies that depending on the type of jobs and the race of the women.

Gender Discrimination

The issue being battled stems from the time when women were not allowed to have higher education. It might seem far back, but some of the problems it started, still war against the professional lives of women today.

About Us

Narrow the Gap is a platform that aims at reducing the gender wage gap. It fights for the rights and equality of women and the underprivileged in the society.

We advocate for the rights of our members and empower them with the knowledge and information they need to know their rights. We educate our members on their rights to help them know when an employer breaches the law to discriminate on them or take away their rights.

What to Know

What you need to Know

The Motherhood Penalty

Even though it’s illegal for employers to base wages or benefits on gender, it’s unfortunately still a predominant practice in many workplaces.

Hiding the Disparities

Recent studies have shown that despite what these establishments claim, women are affected by the wage gap as soon as they enter the workforce.

What Others Have Done

In a bid to narrow the wage gap, some countries have introduced paid maternity leaves and increased access to contraception.

Achieving Equal Pay

To achieve this in our society, women must first have awareness. Some of them have grown to accept it because they’ve grown to see it as usual, where it isn’t.

Equal Pay and Compensation Enforcement

Efforts at equal pay enforcement have been aimed at fighting discrimination based on sex and race. Access to data that indicate pay differences and practices is key to effectively fighting pay discrimination in the workplace and enforcing strong measures against it.

However, it’s almost impossible to show existing wage disparities and the most affected parties without substantial data. Lack of such data has made it difficult to enforce equal pay over the years.

Your Right!

The Factors Driving Gender Wage Gap


Harming families who increasingly depend on the earnings of women to make a living.


Devalued work and depressed wages.


Differences in hours worked between men and women.


Time taken handling caregiving responsibilities


Discrimination based on sex and gender

Brief History

Wage Discrimination Today

Women entered paid labor after World War II. Pay discrimination on the basis of sex was rampant then. In 1963, women earned 59% of men’s earnings.

Job ads in the early 1960s were made based on sex. Most positions with high salaries were assigned to men even if the jobs were promoted to both men and women.

We Are Here For You

We work hard to provide the most useful and recent resources on the rights and equality of our members. We also strive to ensure that our members know what to do and the right action to take in case of the breach of a right.

We offer them support all step of the way until justice is served.