Discrimination Among Women

Narrowing the Wage Gap

Various countries and states have enacted equal pay laws to protect specific categories of individuals, especially women and those with disabilities, from compensation discrimination. This legislation requires that regardless of gender, everyone in the same establishment is given equal pay for equal work. However, significant pay disparities still exist.

Prevalence of the Wage Gap

As of 2020, statistics show that women earn about 20 cents less for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. These numbers are average representatives of the general population. It implies that depending on the type of jobs and the race of the women, the gaps could either be narrowed down or could get broader. For black women, the figures are 62 cents for every dollar, 54 cents for Latinas, and 90 cents for Asian women working full time.

Gender Discrimination

The issue being battled stems from the time when women were not allowed to have higher education. It might seem far back, but some of the problems it started, still war against the professional lives of women today. Some individuals still hold the belief that high paying jobs should be reserved solely for men. When women get employed for such tasks, they deserve lesser pay; hence, their work gets devalued because of their gender.

Send A Message

Let’s reinforce equal pay laws and workers should be allowed to join unions so that they can fight against pay discrimination. Also, the salaries of women at jobs where they are currently earning lower than the men doing the same things should increase. This approach reduces inequality and encourages fairness for all.