Healthy Living Practices Suitable for Improving Self Image of Women Activists

Unlike men, women are cautious about their weight, looks, and self-image, whether in public or private.

 As a woman in activism, anything you do in your day to day life has a direct impact on your emotional, physical, and social health.

As you go out with your friends for that anticipated coffee date, do you feel good about yourself?

What do your friends have to say about you? When asked to describe yourself in a few words, do you fumble to think who you are or you know yourself?

Self-image is essential in a woman’s life. You achieve a positive image depending on lifestyle practices.

 To have that good weight, you need to check on your diet and workout program. To get that promotion at work, you must prove you deserve it.

That top award is because of something unique people have seen in you.

To face a panel over a bill in the legislative house, you must have something tangible and practical in the form of opinion to offer.

Healthy Living Practices Suitable for Improving Self Image for Women

A woman wellness unit is in four dimensions

  • Physical health
  • Emotional Health
  • Social Health
  • Spiritual health

Physical health

  1. Eat healthy and balanced meals

What you eat determines your state of health. Women may have challenges in portion control now that they are the drivers of the kitchen.

Women should strive to eat healthy meals at all times. We can’t deny, at one point you can indulge when in a position beyond your control.

For example, during occasions like weddings, you don’t want to be the odd one out on the popup canopies, not taking the food offered by the newlyweds.

It’s worse when in that tent you have a grill with a resident chef serving you the smoked meals of choice.

Will you sit there admiring grills made of great material in the name of watching your diet while others enjoy the grilled dishes?

Eat healthy and balanced nutrition but never overindulge in unhealthy snacks and meals.

Exercise regularly

The sedentary way of life, especially for freelance activists, comes with its share of challenges- lifestyle-related diseases.

You need to stay physically active through physical exercises to improve your blood circulation and maintain healthy body weight.

Besides, it also enhances your cognitive skills like your decision-making skills and the ability to make the right judgment.

The sexy body naturally boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Maintain a healthy weight

The moment your BMI is within the normal range, you have no worries about your weight.

You can confidently enroll in a modeling company to try your hand in fashion. How do you feel when you appear in fashion magazines as a cover model?

You’ve started your journey towards being a celebrity.

  • Emotional health

  • Surround yourself with positive people

Who are your support systems?

Do they encourage you or bring you down?

You should always have people who see your activism problems as challenges- they have solutions.

They make you do your best to achieve your life goals.

Think through your actions

Never act out of anger. Anytime you take action, let it be something you can repeat and have no regrets.

That peace of mind is vital for your emotional stability. Let your action make you maintain positive feelings and thoughts and not bitterness and resentment. 

Are you irritated over the smallest thing? If yes, then do something about your thoughts and feelings.

You aren’t in control of them- a poor state of emotional health.

  • Understand stress management mechanisms that works for you

Stressful situations are unavoidable; the children are all over. The government is putting pressure on you to drop a gender case in court.

Your boss needs your attention. You are going through a rough time as a family or in your marriage.

All these are things you need to handle and still stay sane. It isn’t easy. But, you have to take control of your life.

How you handle tough moments and even afford to have a smile beside the storm means you have near-perfect stress management solutions.

Let life have a meaning for you despite all it throws at you.

Social health

Man is never an island. The neighbor you always snob will be the one to come to your aid when your house is on fire.

How you associate with people determines the quality of service you also receive from them unless it’s a business relationship.

Practice the following to have a practical and realistic social life. Here are a few things to do to maintain an excellent social practice

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships
  • Always connect with people
  • Understand individual weaknesses and strengths
  • Spiritual health
  • Nourish your body and soul

Women activists go through discrimination, intimidation, and even online bullying for standing for the rights of women.

To relax the body and mind, an excellent spiritual book comes in handy to give hope.

Listening to music is also good for the soul; it encourages one to sit and fight for another day.

  1. Have faith and practice the power of positivity

Your belief in the supernatural being should be the basis of your creed. As long as you have faith in an unseen being, you cultivate positivity as a woman. You can pass the storm with ease without feeling stressed or depressed. Women activists have an important part to play in society. They are the voice to the voiceless in the community. Therefore, healthy practices keep them sane in their harsh work environment.

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Let’s reinforce equal pay laws and workers should be allowed to join unions so that they can fight against pay discrimination. Also, the salaries of women at jobs where they are currently earning lower than the men doing the same things should increase. This approach reduces inequality and encourages fairness for all.