How to Negotiate Your Salary

The best way to negotiate your salary is by knowing the industry standard for your job. This will allow you to make a fair counter-offer if your employer does not offer you enough money. It’s also important to think about how much experience you have, what skills are valued in the field, and whether or not there are other perks that should be considered before accepting any new position.

1) Know the market rate for the position in which you are applying

You can find this information by talking to someone who currently has that position at your desired company. It’s important to know what other people in similar positions make so that you don’t accept below-average pay rates without realizing it or accepting too low of a wage because you want the job badly enough that not getting it would mean giving up all hope of ever working for this company.

2) Ask for more than what is being offered.

This may seem counterintuitive, but it can put pressure on the employer and they might offer more money because they don’t want you to walk away from an offer.

3) Do your research before negotiating so that you know what others with similar qualifications are making in the industry or position that interests you.

This will give you a good starting point when negotiating with employers.

4) Be confident and polite during negotiations;

This will show them that you’re serious about getting a fair deal without demanding too much from them or coming across as rude or difficult to work with.

5) Build rapport with the hiring manager

Show an interest in their business and demonstrate why they need someone like YOU on their team (i.e., experience, skills)

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Let’s reinforce equal pay laws and workers should be allowed to join unions so that they can fight against pay discrimination. Also, the salaries of women at jobs where they are currently earning lower than the men doing the same things should increase. This approach reduces inequality and encourages fairness for all.

Brief History

Wage Discrimination Today

Women entered paid labor after World War II. Pay discrimination on the basis of sex was rampant then. In 1963, women earned 59% of men’s earnings.

Job ads in the early 1960s were made based on sex. Most positions with high salaries were assigned to men even if the jobs were promoted to both men and women.